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Brown Hot Melt Adhesive
Brown Hot Melt Adhesive Brown Hot Melt Adhesive Brown Hot Melt Adhesive Brown Hot Melt Adhesive

Brown Hot Melt Adhesive

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Hot melt adhesive is made of high-quality raw eva materials with high performance of heat resistance and fast-curing, which specially used for edge banding. Young Plastic’s hot melt adhesive help you realize perfect edge banding adhesion.

Ø Two kinds of Glue

Normal hot melt glue

Transparent hot melt gue

Ø Three tempreture we can supply

High temperature    190-210℃

Middle temperature  160-180℃

Low temperature    130-160℃

Product Description

raw materials.jpg

1. Our Raw Material --- imported from foreign countries or best brand in China.

  • Stabilizer --- Germany

  • PE wax --- Thailand

  • Stearic acid --- Indonesia

  • Print ink --- Wanmey ink

  • PVC and gloss oil are all made by best brand in China.



2. PVC Content: content ranges from 85% to 90%, to ensure better color and quality of the base material. 

The color won't become white after trimming and it is difficult to tear apart.



3. Print ink and back glue are made by Wanmey, passed SGS Test.



1. Extrusion Technology

  • Better plasticizing effect

  • New extrusion machines, model 55 and 65. It can extrude 2 lines of edge banding at the same time.


2. Color Mixing Technology

  • Professional engineers all with more than 15 years experience.

  • We keep every color formula in files. So we can ensure no color difference in every batch.

  • 99% similar to your colors when we match color.


3. Mould Design Technology

  • We cooperate with the best mould factory in China.

  • Scroll wheel is with highest quality and double expensive than common one.


4. Printing Technology

  • We use 3 process to improve colors and make better colors , while other factories only has 2 process.

  • We use cold pressing technology, instead of hot pressing technology.




1. Cartons and edge banding are packed with package belt in avoid of any damage.

2. Our quality of the external box is 5 layers, much better than 3-layers-box that other factory use.









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